A Wide Range Of Services Designed To Meet Your Needs

A view of the competitive landscape would vividly reveal that AIRYOLK NIGERIA LIMITED has measured up to its billing of being among the top three companies in the oil and gas services industry. A strategic decision to support rapid growth and maintain her eminence in this class resulted in the birth of these main business divisions viz:



* Operations and maintenance of oil & gas facilities and processes


* Plant Simulation, Modification and Design of Oil and Gas Processes


* Procurement, Supply and Installation of Oil and Gas Equipments


* Pipeline Inspections and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services


* QA/QC Services


* Commissioning and Start-up/Shut-down of Oil and Gas Equipments


* Pipelines Construction, Welding and Fabrication Services


* Oil and Gas, Civil Construction Services


* Consultancy and Training Services


* Instrumentation and Control Services


* Design and Construction of Oil and Gas Equipments


* Oil and Gas Marine Services


* Quality Control and Inspection Services



* Manpower Supply Services


* Procurement and Supply of Oil and Gas Equipments Models


* Curtailment, Cleaning and Treatment of Oil and Gas Hazardous Waste


* Provision of Chemical Products