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Working at Airyolk Nigeria Limited means becoming part of a dynamic team that is committed to actualizing challenging local and global contextual operational objectives. Our business is becoming more specialized and our workers have to possess unique skills to ensure our company remains at the forefront of innovation, progress and efficiency. The challenge we face is knowing what skills to focus on and then deciding whether to foster these talents internally or focus on external sources to locate skilled employees. We are always looking to hire great people and committed to helping our employees succeed at every level of their career.

We urge you to begin your career with AIRYOLK, amongst other benefits, AIRYOLK complies to local and global labour standards. Sustainable measures are put in place to ensure that equal opportunity is given to all employee, the remunerations of workers are very competitive and personnel are provided with different capacity building platforms.

Interested job applicants are advised to follow our social media pages and website as our job vacancies shall be posted on these pages

Maintenance work by Airyolk
Airyolk - men on duty at oil processing facility
Happy Airyolk staff
Airyolk maintenance staff in full gear