Technical Consultancy Services

Airyolk technical and consultancy team will transform your existing production or facility with our proven seamless processes, and unsurpassed business model while improving operational efficiency and managing risk. Our company provides technical and consultancy services needed to fine-tune your process, utility, and maintenance. Airyolk will perform systematical, on-site access of valves, piping, and other related equipment, and determine their sustainability for efficient service. Also, we will implement walk-downs to assess your plant efficiency and productivity to prevent any hazard to mankind or the environment.

We will ensure our Clients and Consultants receive the highest standards of service. With more than two decades in the industry, our team will deliver a thorough and professional service to your organization. In an ever-changing Oil and Gas industry, Airyolk continues to conquer any project & operations through innovative thinking, and with a commitment to excellence. We strive to set new standards for the industry-Quality, Service and Safety are our benchmarks.

We have grown to be Giants in the Management and provision of all production process/facilities engineering. These include:

Project Management: Training & Development

Airyolk has project management expertise, often serving as overall program manager on large-scale capital projects. As the client’s single point of contact, we integrate the activities of all contractors and subcontractors, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to ensure the success of the overall program. One of the reasons clients choose our company is our capacity to provide all necessary services in-house, eliminating the need for multiple consultants. This capability is changing the face of project management. As a leader in the Oil and Gas Industry, one of our training objectives is to broaden the skill base for both offshore professionals and companies, becoming a leading training company in the region.

We offer a comprehensive training package, including the following:
  • Safe operation of onshore and offshore facilities/process plants.
  • On-the-job training
  • Oil & Gas processes simulations trainings
  • Safe operation of DP/non-DP operated vessels at the offshore installations
  • Anchor handling and Dynamic Positioning
  • Survival at sea
  • HSE training
  • Heavy duty lifting and cranes operations training

Integrity Test Services and Calibration Services

Airyolk has broad expertise on:

  • Pressure testing/leak detection of vessels/pipelines and nitrogen purging services.
  • Oil and gas measuring equipment/instruments.
  • Relief and pressure safety valves repairs, recalibration and certification