Plant Operations and Maintenance

This aspect is a comprehensive, specialized package of services that starts with understanding the plant and its processes, our expertise and experience has placed us at the fore front of this services. Effective maintenance increases the ‘up-time’ of the facilities – the time the plant is available for production. This increases operating revenue and also extends the asset’s productive lifetime thus reducing both the client’s capital expenditure and environmental risks.


Airyolk Nigeria Limited offers a range of strategic services to help customers achieve their operations and maintenance ambitions, goals and targets.

We are your one-stop service provider in:
Our services aim to support oil & gas production facilities from wellhead to manifold, encompassing the entire asset life cycle. We stand out for our “full responsibility approach” to field activities in terms of oil & gas production, including oil & gas plant operation and maintenance, start-ups, shutdowns/turnarounds, expansions and facility debottlenecking. We use a smart mix of design, material procurement, and innovation to reuse, reduce, and recycle construction materials to achieve zero waste and minimal water consumption. Integrated services define and develop on-site maintenance and project management, resulting in production efficiency and optimized overall project life cycle costs. Revamping, improvement, modification, debottlenecking and enhancement projects can be executed smoothly, either on the entire facility or on individual sections or specific equipment.