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Plant Operations & Maintenance

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Materials and Product Handling

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Customer-driven in all endeavors of the Board, sensitive and responsive to customer needs, and high commitment to customer care and satisfaction.

  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Modification
  • Maintenance and refurbishment services
  • Installation/Upgrade of onshore/offshore production process facilities & platforms
  • Repairs and Pipe fitting
  • Mechanical engineering and welding service

Innovation in the oil and gas industry is not only centered around increasing production, making sure that operations run safely is another top priority. At AIRYOLK, we are finding new ways to monitor and drive seamless operations in our changing environments by creating new systems for advanced technology, software, research, and the latest work methodologies. As the industry enters more challenging environments, innovation to ensure safety is becoming more vital. Innovation in the oil and gas sector plays a key role in reducing production costs, increasing production efficiency, and ensuring that operational activities are carried out effectively.


We deliver a cost-effective technical solution to our clients by helping them manage their assets’ lifespan, improve production efficiency, and increase asset reliability. We aim to ensure minimal to no downtime in operation and maximize business value.





It is the philosophy of AIRYOLK to conduct activities and operations in a manner that will ensure the safety of life and property of all its Clients, Personnel, Subcontractors, and others affected by our operations. Airyolk will continue to create safer working conditions and operational efficiency to minimize work-related hazards and uphold an effective occupational health and safety framework.




In executing our business mandate, we are committed to developing our in-country presence by utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, skilled Nigerian personnel, technicians and administrators with years of experience in operations and maintenance, detailed engineering, procurement, project management, and consultancy. To guarantee that our client’s assets are optimally operated and maintained; we ensure that our personnel are trained by industry experts and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to globally accepted standards.




Our licenses, permits, and certificates are periodically updated to ensure that all our services are in line with the industry requirements.




Based on our tradition of safety, quality, and reliability, we ensure that we liaise with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of machinery and equipment that conforms to international standards. Our machinery and equipment operating methodology, software, Licenses, Spare parts, consumables, personnel training, and relevant technical support are procured directly from our OEM partners.